Quotes of the week VI.

5. march 2014 at 17:01 | Simona Gray |  citáty
And Odin should have known from the first that perfect Order does not bend; it simply stands until it breaks, which is why it rarely survives for any meaningful length of time.
Loki (The Gospel of Loki, Joanne Harris)

But with power comes responsibility. And with responsibility comes fear. And with fear, comes violence. And with violence comes Chaos . . .
Loki (The Gospel of Loki, Joanne Harris)

In any case, Wildfire is hard to control: volatile; unpredictable. I'm not making excuses or anything, but it's in my nature to be troublesome. Surt should have known it; Odin, too. Both got what was coming to them.
Loki (The Gospel of Loki, Joanne Harris)

But Order cannot survive alone; its laws are too fixed; it cannot bend. Order is like ice that creeps, bringing life to a standstill. Now that we're at peace again, Aesir and Vanir, the ice will creep back. Stagnation will come. My kingdom will fall into darkness. I cannot be seen to break my own rules. But I do need someone on my side who can break them for me when necessary.
Loki (The Gospel of Loki, Joanne Harris)

Friendship is overrated. Who needs friends when you can have the certitudes of hostility? You know where you stand with an enemy. You know he won't betray you. It's the ones who claim to be your friends that you need to beware of.
Loki (The Gospel of Loki, Joanne Harris)

Loki Wildfire (obrázok zo stránky atena-s-daughter.tumblr.com)

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1 Janča Janča | Web | 5. march 2014 at 17:32 | React

Najviac sa mi páči ten druhý a posledný :)

2 Krystý Krystý | Web | 5. march 2014 at 22:30 | React

Líbí se mi ten druhej. Už je v sešitě se všema těma citátama, který se mi líbí...

3 Lucy Lucy | Email | Web | 6. march 2014 at 16:57 | React

Druhý a třetí, jsou dokonalé:3

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