I missed you

23. june 2014 at 11:44 | Simona Gray |  Fanfictions
Sestra nie je doma, tak trochu okupujem jej notebookom, kým sa môj vráti domov...toto som napísala minule cez španielčine, myšlienka vznikla počas jednej prechádzky so sestrou.
warning: pseudo-anglický jazyk, no plot, hints of Crobby

"So, I am in Purgatory, I suppose…but why are you here, then?"
"Maybe you aren't in Purgatory."
Shorter man grinned, a smirk spread across his face. "Can you tell me, where else could I be? This place surely doesn't look like Hell. Trust me, I know what Hell looks like. I've been there."
They stopped walking for a while, watching a huge field on both sides of a road. The wind was howling and the field looked more like a waving sea. The sky was dark, full of heavy looking clouds;surely a storm wad coming.
"And what about Heaven?"
The former King of Hell bursted into a laugh. "You…you joking, right?" he asked after a while, catching his breath, eyes watering from laughing too much. " In the case you'd forgotten, I am a demon. I have no soul, which makes the possibility of ne going to Heaven a little….well, impossible."
"But this is Heaven. And you are here."
Crowley stopped laughing. His face was blank, expressionless. They walked in silence.
"Why are you dead?"
"Someone shot me with the Colt."
"Couldn't be more careful,could ya'? Idjit."
Crowley smiled. "I missed you, Bobby."


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