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Dnes je Jany. A to znamená, že môj John má meniny. (hej, váš si, že som si spomenula - si asi jediný človek, u koho si pamätám dátum narodenín aj menín. Ani svoje vlastné meniny si nepamätám). Tak som napísala krátku, toršku smutty (keď som to dala sestre prečítať a označila to ako "smutty", vysmiala sa mi do tváre. Vraj som ako v tom obrázku cock...cockerspaniel). V angličtine, pretože angličtina znie lepšie ako slovenčina. Všetko najlepšie, my dear Watson!

It was late at night and they were done making out, at least for now. They were just laying in John´s bed (John really didn´t trust Sherlock when he told him that there were none life-threatening experiment going on in detective´s room) side by side, silent, not talking, dripping with sweat and completely out of breath.
"Woow..." John managed to say after a while, "that was...amazing."
"Really?" Sherlock propped himself up on his elbow, so he had a good view of John´s face in the dim light coming in from the busy London streets outside.
"Really," John confirmed his feelings, grinning lightly as he leaned closer to his flatmate, "oh, and I just loved that part where you were screaming my name on the top of your lungs."
"I weren´t."
"Yes, you were. Ask Mrs Hudson tomorrow, she will tell you what woke her up in the middle of the night."
Sherlock´s ears went slightly red. Now he leaned closer towards John to caress his cheek.
"I like your name," he whispered into his ear, catching John´s earlobe between his teeth for a moment, "I like how it sounds. John." He placed a butterfly kiss on John´s neck.
"John." Another kiss, this time on his collarbone. Then he looked into John´s eyes, obviously planning on kissing him, but the blogger was faster and quickly captured Sherlock´s lips in a kiss.
For a minute, there was almost absolute silence, apart from silent panting and rustling of the bedsheets. When they finally parted, John took a deep breath and moaned.
"I think I´d like a second round," he said.
Sherlock laid closer to him and then captured his body beneath his own. "You are not the only one, John" he whispered silently.
"I love you, John," said Sherlock in the morning, handing John a cup of coffee, which wasn´t poisoned.
John accepted coffee with a smile and took a sip before placing a quick kiss on Sherlock jaw (he really couldn´t reach anywhere higher). "I love my sociopath as well," he breathed out and took another sip from the cup. "Wow, Sherlock, this one actually tastes good."

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1 Tesa Tesa | Email | Web | 25. december 2016 at 13:25 | React

"Handing John a cup of coffee, which wasn´t poisoned"... Je vtipné, že pri fanfic o Sherlockovi treba spomínať takéto detaily :D Možno preto mám Sherlocka a Johna tak rada. Inak úplne super fanfic, prečítala som ho ako prvý, lebo mám v poslednom čase strašne Johnlock-ovskú náladu... Who knows why. Proste úplne awwwww story ^^ Možno by si mohla napísať ešte nejakú o nich dvoch??

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