Too far gone (Anakin/Obi-Wan)

22. january 2016 at 20:59 | Simona Gray |  Fanfictions
Anakin prežil Mustafar bez zranení a zajal svojho bývalého Majstra. Obi-Wan si uvedomuje, že Anakin je príliš ďaleko na to, aby ho ktokoľvek zachránil.
Angličtina, napísané počas hodín španielčiny a cesty vlakom :D
Oh, a je to môj prvý pokus o non-con. I napriek tomu, že som sa skutočne strašne snažila, nie je tam nič graphic a kamarátky mi odmietli napísať tú....explicit part. A bohyňa porna mi povedala, že som dospelá a mám si písať svoje porno sama xD., it couldn´t be true. This can´t be really happening, Obi-Wan thinks as he wakes up in a dark room, barely remembering the events that led him there. Not wanting to remember those events.
Please, Force, let this be just a terrible nightmare.
He squeezes his eyes shut and tries to suppress a sob.
Anakin....Anakin, what have you done?
No, not Anakin, he reminds himself darkly, Vader. Anakin is dead.
And it´s not a dream, nor a nightmare, because the pain in his body feels far too real-
-but not as real as the one tormenting his heart-
-and he remembers the group of dead younglings, their little bodies cold and unmoving, murdered by the boy he raised and loved.
Oh, Anakin.
He can feel the tears burning their way down his cheeks, but he doesn´t try to stop them.
The door opens and sudden light hurts his eyes. His vision goes blurry but he can see a tall, dark silhouette of a man who died and a monster possessed his body.
Vader closes the door and slowly makes his way to Obi-Wan, his footsteps echoing from the stone walls.
"Obi-Wan Kenobi," he says and crouches in front of him. "The perfect Jedi."
Obi-Wan says nothing, just continues to stare at him, trying to find Anakin on Vader´s eyes.
He doesn´t succeed and closes his eyes in regret.
Ana...Vader doesn´t like it.
Suddenly, Obi-Wan´s throat is enclosed in his iron grip and he is left gasping for air.
"Look at me...when I talk to you....master," he hisses, spitting the last word sarcastically. It hurts Obi-Wan far more than the crushing grip on his neck. But he does as he says and he is met with poisonous yellow gaze. It´s making him physically sick.
His former apprentice (he will never use the word padawan in connection to Anakin again) finally releases his death grip and Obi-Wan falls in a heap at his feet, coughing and struggling to breathe.
"Who is a pathetic life form now, Obi-Wan?" he hears the other man ask.
"I still think it´s you," he manages to breathe out and receives a kick to his ribs in response.
He is too far gone, Obi-Wan thinks as his heart breaks into pieces. There is no Anakin anymore. Only Vader.
He can´t believe it´s really happening. He refuses to accept what´s going to happen as Vader shoves him harshly to the ground and unbuckles his belt.
He screams and kicks in desperation, but hits only thin air.
Vader laughs and turns him over, so he is laying on his stomach, hears the sound of fabric being ripped off and his brain still denies what´s going on.
"Do not fight me, Obi-Wan," Vader whispers in his ear, "I know you´ve dreamed of this happening. You´ll only make it worse for you...." He falls silent for a while and his hot breath tickles Obi-Wan. "No that I would mind," he ads and Obi-Wan closes his eyes against the tears.
He keeps fighting.
When Mace Windu finally gets to Obi-Wan, he is afraid that he was too late.
"Oh, Force," he breathes out as he steps into the darkened room and sees Obi-Wan for the first time in weeks. He is naked, covered in blood, bruises and dirt and doesn´t seem to recognize Mace at all, as he sits huddled in a corner, bone knees drawn close to his chest, trembling and whimpering slightly in fear and pain.
"Anakin, what have you done?" Mace asks himself aloud grimly as he slowly walks towards Obi-Wan, careful not to startle him.
"No, no, not Anakin...." he hears Obi-Wan murmur under his breath, "just Vader...Anakin´s...´s gone..."
His heart breaks into million little pieces.
"Obi-Wan?" he calls softly as he crouches next to the broken man, his hands hovering just inches from Obi-Wan´s thin form, not sure what to do.
Younger Jedi stops trembling and slowly turns his head and looks and Mace from under the curtain of dirty ginger hair
-stained with blood-
Blinking against the light coming from the open door as if it was hurting him.
"...Mace...?" Obi-Wan calls uncertain, his voice hoarse and barely above a whisper. "Am I hallucinating....?"
Mace closes his eyes for a second, trying to calm himself down. He most certainly will not mind if the other Jedi Knights will accidentally kill Skywalker while arresting him. He takes a deep breath before facing Obi-Wan again and takes off his robe.
"No, I am really here," he says reassuringly and tries to touch Obi-Wan´s shoulder in a calming gesture, but wounded man flinches as if he was expecting a blow. Windu´s insides clench. Obi-Wan thought he was going to hit him.
So he just inhales deeply, one more time, and carefully throws his robe around Obi-Wan´s shoulders. "We got Anakin," he says finally, "you are safe now."
As he finishes these words, Obi-Wan breaks down into sobs and Mace wishes he could turn the time back.

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1 Andoriana Andoriana | Email | Web | 6. february 2016 at 9:36 | React

Ačkoliv rape nečtu a zpravidla se mi to dost hnusí, tohle jsem zhltala docela s chutí. Well done :-)

2 Flappypony Flappypony | 15. april 2016 at 23:37 | React

teď mi bylo Obiho fakt líto, víc než ve všech filmech ><

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