I still see your ghosts 1/2

17. february 2016 at 21:19 | Simona Gray |  Fanfictions
Obi-whump. Angst. Sick Obi-Wan. Suffering Obi-Wan. Mesa happy. Mesa enjoy dis. Mesa evil. Hehehehehehe! Oh, a objaví sa tam Qui-Gon. ...more like Qui-GONE.
A teraz už idem skončiť prokrastinovanie a napíšem si úlohu zo slovenčiny. Aj keď...ráno by som mohla vstať skôr...alebo si to napísať cestou vo vlaku...hm...

The first weeks on Tatooine were tough. Difficult. His wounds and pains too fresh, nights filled by terrors and shadows full of ghosts. He is not sleeping well and being awake is not much better. And moreover, he is not really used to the extensive heat of two suns, lack of water or food and soon he is left dizzy and feverish.
He´s fallen sick, but he doesn´t care, doesn´t admit it, not just yet.
These are his first days on Tatooine and he doesn´t have time for any sickness.
He needs to be strong, he needs to carry on, for what´s left of the Republic and the Jedi, for Luke...
...for Anakin´s memory...
So he keeps ignoring the pounding headache building behind his eyes, the uneasinesses of his stomach and chills wracking his body during the night.
But although he is The Negotiator, a Jedi, he is only human and a humans can go on denying their bodies rest and proper care just for that long.
He isn´t really surprised when he collapses just few meters from his hut ( a hut, he is not ready to call it his home yet and he is not sure if he will ever be), too weak and dizzy to get back to his feet, so he just lays there, in the rough sand and patiently waits for the darkness to take him.

The suns of Tatooine are already setting down when he comes to himself; he sees war and death and blood in their red light and he wants to scream, but his throat is dry and raspy, so he only coughs weakly.
Slowly, he realizes his situation and his fever clouded brain comes to a conclusion that he is probably going to die there, sick and weak and feverish, because he was too stubborn to take care of himself when he had time and decided to live in self- isolation like an old hermit.
He quickly adds hallucinating to his mental list of his current condition, because when he squints, he sees a tall, shimmering figure of someone notoriously familiar, who can´t be really there, because he watched him die years ago.
´And now I am seeing ghosts´, he thinks as he closes his eyes and feels a light touch on his forehead, but when he opens them once again, he is terribly and utterly alone.
´Well, just as I will be for the rest of my days,´ he thinks grimly and passes out, vain figure curled up in a middle of a stern desert.

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