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"Obi-Wan, come on, it´s only one kiss," Anakin whined and the man in question just rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed.
"Anakin, I don´t understand why," said Obi-Wan stoically while putting the kettle on.
"It´s for an experiment, Obi-Wan, please."
"What? Anakin, these your experiments are getting out of hand." Obi-Wan sighed and put tea leaves into his mug saying "you´re the obi-wan for me" that Anakin gave him for his birthday month ago. "First you want to watch ridiculous holo movies together and cuddle, then you demand we sleep in one bed and now this?"
Now it was Anakin´s turn to roll his eyes. Sometimes he just couldn´t understand how could his master be so blind.
"Oh, just shut up," he said and leaned over Obi-Wan to place a kiss on...
...his hand?
For a moment, Anakin just stared at Obi-Wan who somehow managed to put his hand between his face and Anakin´s mouth, stopping him from kissing him.
Anakin just raised an eyebrow.
"Anakin, if you´ll tell me that you are doing this only not be be clumsy with Padmé later..."
Suddenly, Obi-Wan´s eyes widened in surprise and Anakin smirked contently.
"Anakin..." said Obi-Wan very slowly and lowered his hand, taking a good look at his palm, "did you just....did you just lick my hand....?"
"No and yes," said Anakin, grabbing Obi-Wan by his shoulders and finally kissing him, ignoring the surprised yelp that escaped from his mouth when their lips touched. ,,I am not doing it to avoid clumsiness with Padmé."
It was Obi-Wan who initiated the second kiss and Anakin couldn´t stop giggling.

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