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....Random college AU. Rincewind is angsty because he´s Rincewind. Faquarl and Bart have enough. OT3 because me and Goddess of Fandom wanted it this way.

Rincewind felt like crying. Not that it was something new for him - Rincewind felt like crying most the time and there were occasions when he really did (about which he doesn´t talk much).
He felt like crying when he was supposed to interact with other people. When it was expected of him to leave his room every once in a while. When he came back to his room to find it inhabitable due to Bartimaeus and Faquarl doing stuff together.
But this time, his reason for crying was much more valid. He had a test from Chinese history tomorrow and all he knew was that it was cruel, bloody and that he didn´t want to be there. But that wasn´t going to help him.
He had to read a lot. And worse, memorize what he had read and he wasn´t really good at memorizing stuff under pressure, unless it was a cry for help. And more, he wasn´t good at doing anything when his roommate and his boyfriend just kept TALKING in the background He wasn´t this close to a breakdown since his unfortunate first year when he thought he could study physics. He was just so naive. He wasn´t even sure if studying languages was the right choice anymore.
He heard Bartimaeus laugh rather loudly and let out a frustrated whine. The voices in the background fell silent and he laid his head down on the table. He just couldn´t to this.
"Don´t you think you would be more comfortable in the lib..." he heard Faquarl´s voice that got cut of by something that sounded like a smack to the head.
Rincewind didn´t even bother to look at them.
The bed creaked as Bartimaeus got up (he knew it was Bart, when you live with someone for two years, you just somehow involuntary learn what sounds they make) and felt a hand on his shoulder.
He whimpered.
"Rinco? Are you upset because I tore the ear of that fox hoodie?" Bartimaeus sounded actually sorry and - concerned. It was just so....unlike him. "It was an accident, I told you....I felt bad about it....I even sewed it back on..."
"No," he managed to croak weakly. To tell the truth, he had completely forgotten about the hoodie. He had completely different problems now. Like not being able to focus on a single paragraph. He´s been actually reading the same sentence over and over for the last five minutes. He groaned.
He heard Bartimaeus move again and then something soft and warm was laid around his shoulders. He opened his eyes in surprise and finally raised his head.
Bartimaeus was standing above him with concern written all over his face. Rincewind has never noticed how big and round his eyes actually were.
His roommate covered him with the fox hoodie he got from his cousin. The same one he almost destroyed when he was showing Faquarl how small it was.
"Just leave me be. Just let me die in peace," he sighed, ready to return to his previous position. Bartimaeus was never good with other´s people serious emotions, so why bother him? But to his surprise, Bartimaeus laid a firm hand on his shoulder and stopped him.
"You should lay down," he said solemnly, narrowing his eyes. "You look like shit."
"I need to read this all," he protested in a weak voice, gesturing to all the papers and various books that were now covering his table. "I can´t fail a test again!"
"Do you think that maybe some alcohol could calm him down?" Faquarl interjected from the bed where he was watching the situation with interest. "It helped the last time."
"We have no beer," Bartimaeus objected.
"I got a bottle of piňacolada."
Bartimaeus shot Faquarl his best "are you serious" look and then turned his attention back to his pale, almost-certainly-hyperventilating-or-soon-to-be roommate. He looked kinda pathetic. Like, even more than usual. But he also looked so fucking cute, especially with that fox hoodie. It made Bart...want to do things to him.
More than normally.
"No," he said, declining Faquarl´s proposal. He took the closest book and shut it with a snap. Rincewind looked up at him and Bart noticed the dark circles under his eyes. "Bed. Now."
"I got the test tomorrow," the ginger protested in a desperate tone.
"Rinco." Bartimaeus tried his most serious tone (it sounded a bit like a normal person´s normal tone, but when you heard it coming from Bart´s mouth, you knew something was off). "You´ve been studying fro this test for the last three days. You barely slept. It´s not gonna help if you´ll faint tomorrow."
"But I know nothing!" Rincewind cried out in desperation. Bart would swear he saw tears in his eyes.
He sighed and grabbed Rincewind´s wrists. "Listen. You little ginger shit. You´ve been locked up here for the last three days. I´ve been bringing you food so you woudn´t starve. I actually kept my mouth shut the whole time. But that´s it. It´s over. You either know it now or you don´t and it won´t help if you collapse. Oh, and you have to just remember something. Enough to pass, at least."
"But I just don´t..."
Faquarl had enough at this point. He stood up and stretched. "You feel like you don´t remember anything for various reasons. One: your confidence is practically non-existent. Two: you think that because you failed before, you´ll fail again...." He went silent for a while. "No, forget it, the last one is actually the same as the first...so, two, you are exhausted and your brain is just refusing to work at this point." And before anyone could do anything, Faquarl came to where Rincewind was sitting on his chair and picked him up as if he weighted nothing.
"Put him down, Faquarl, you´ll hurt him!" Bart called in dismay, but Faquarl just ignored him, just as he ignored Rincewind´s rather pathetic attempts to break free.
"I am helping," he said dryly before manhandling the smaller man unceremoniously on the bed which was occupied by him and Bart just a moment ago.
"You," he put a hand on Rincewind´s chest when he struggled and tried to get away, "are not leaving this bed until morning. And we are going to take care of that."
"Well, I don´t know, Faq, but tying him up seems a bit harsh," interjected Bart, gazing his boyfriend down with a murderous glance.
"Who mentioned anything about tying anyone up." Faquarl managed to hold struggling Rincewind in one place, while he took off his shoes. "The bed is big enough."
"Do I get a say in this?" asked Rincewind with a rather horrified expression on his face.
"No," said Bartimaeus and Faquarl in unison. Faquarl then climbed into the bed next to Rincewind and to his surprise (and Bart´s as well) hugged him. The Egyptian boy decided not to question his actions (it was late, he wanted to sleep, Rincewind HAD to sleep and...he didn´t really mind...he still wanted to do....things), so he just turned the lights off and climbed in with them. In the meantime, Rincewind just gave up and was now lying limp in Faquarl´s hands. Bart couldn´t decide to which one of them he envied more.
"Sleep tight," he said cheerfully and nestled close to Rincewind, wrapping his arms around his torso.
"I hate you both," said the ginger sleepily and actually nuzzled Bart´s collarbone. The Egyptian felt a warm sensation somewhere close to his heart. It was something that made him go....awwwwww.
Faquarl let out a silent laugh and Bart could feel Rincewind tense.
"Did you...did you just lick my neck?" he asked, suddenly wide awake.
Faquarl just laughed again.
"You´ll thank us in the morning," said Bart, fighting the urge to kiss Rincewind on the top of his head.
"Why is your bed more comfortable than mine," Rincewind asked, sleepiness once again finding it´s way into his voice.
"Cause it´s being used more, idiot," Bart answered lovingly and planted a soft kiss on Rincewind´s forehead.

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1 Fredy Fredy | Web | 25. september 2016 at 10:01 | React

zajímavé :-)

2 shekenduwell shekenduwell | Web | 25. september 2016 at 12:58 | React

You guys are hopeless. xD

3 Simona Gray Simona Gray | Web | 25. september 2016 at 18:19 | React

[2]: Yes, we are xD xD

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